Wednesday, January 03, 2007

But I'm not dead yet!

Text message to A around 3:45 yesterday afternoon.
Good news will reconsider. Recessing till 4:30. We get a do over. We're not dead yet!

It started at 2 pm yesterday. The first anti-marriage vote passed at 2:34. There was then a motion to reconsider - which, to quote state house legal council, means "a do over." The reconsider motion passed. At 3:45 I was hopeful. So about 4:35 I made my way back to a television set to watch the debate.

Didn't happen. No debate. Back from recess and they went straight to a vote. We lost .... again.

There was nothing we could do. Yesterdays vote by the Massachusetts Legislature was a power struggle between two men, who were trying to prove whose (insert your own noun here) was bigger.

So it's a new day and a new Legislature. We are one step closer to a nasty ballot battle in this state. But at least we're not dead..... yet.

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Blogger Kassie said...

I'm so disheartened about this - and I'm hundreds of miles and a lifestyle removed from it! I can only imagine what pro-same-sex-marriage Massachusetts folks are going through.

It has to happen again next year, right? Perhaps progress can be made in the meantime.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

The good news is that newly-inaugurated Gov. Deval Patrick does not support such an amendment. I suspect opponents don't have enough votes to support it. It would be nice to think that NY Governor Spitzer supports same-sex rights, so NY could join Mass. soon -- if not marriage, with civil unions as in VT, CT and NJ.

8:23 PM  

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