Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks, and welcome

Thanks to both Six Until Me and A Shot in The Dark for their comments this morning. I was not expecting to be picked up so quickly. I find this whole DOC community amazing.

A little history. I was diagnosed in April of 1987 with Type 1, and brought straight to the Joslin DTU. For those of you who are new to the diabetes world- the DTU was an inpatient clinic at Joslin where you went for a week after diagnoses, to learn how to be a diabetic; nutrition, exercise, what is diabetes, how to give a shot, etc. To this day, I am sad that it closed down. It was almost like camp in the city. BTW- I too am a barton girl.

19 years later, I'm still here. Got married in May to a wonderful girl. We are a happy little family with two cats, and maybe someday soon, a new non-furry family member. Off to Joslin next week. A little nervous- I haven't been since early last spring. Appointments are so hard to get now. I called in May and the middle of November was the earliest available.


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