Friday, July 28, 2006

Because sometimes you just need to laugh

I have been meaning to post this for the past week- but only getting around to it today.
oh well.

John Stewart's take on the Stem Cell Veto. (From Crooks and Liars)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The first veto

After 6 years in office, Bush will finally pick up his veto pen.
Like Republicans before him - will it be to veto federal spending that has ballooned under his administration.

Nope- he is vetoing the stem cell research bill, HR 810.

More on the bill and veto at ABC News. Also watch Michael J. Fox's interview from GMA this morning. And the News Analysis from the NY Times.

Also - JDRF email action alert from yesterday. Call the White House. (And keep trying if it is busy.)
Subject: Senate Vote Results and Action Alert

the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act by a
vote of 63 to 37. Your hard work and dedication made this achievement possible!

The U.S. Senate now joins the U.S. House of Representatives in passing
legislation—with broad bipartisan support—to expand the current federal
embryonic stem cell research policy. This vote marks an important and historic
step forward in our collective efforts to expand the current policy.

It is clear that your efforts in contacting your Senators have made a difference
and has resulted in great strides on this issue. We received feedback that
Members' offices were flooded with calls, emails, and faxes. During debate on
the Senate floor, Members spoke of JDRF Children's Congress delegates, and
juvenile diabetes was one of the diseases most often discussed.

H.R. 810 will be sent to President Bush and he has stated that he will veto it tomorrow (Wednesday, July 19). If the President vetoes H.R. 810, the U.S. House of
Representatives will vote to override the veto immediately thereafter. We ask
that you continue to help by doing the following:

1. Call the White House to ask that the President sign H.R. 810 into law. The White House Comment Line is open beginning at 9:00am Eastern: (202) 456-1111.

Here are a few
talking points you may use in your message for the President:

• I am calling to ask that President Bush sign H.R.810 into law;
• Stem cell research has the potential to benefit millions of Americans who suffer from debilitating diseases and disorders like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and
spinal cord injuries;
• We need to give our scientists the best tools to fully explore the promise of this research;
• Expanding the current embryonic stem cell research policy is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

2. Call your U.S. Representative and ask them to vote in
favor of the veto override for H.R. 810 if it comes before them.
Representative XXXX XXXXXX
(202) 225-XXXX

See below to learn how
your Senators voted on H.R. 810.
Tomorrow we will send you another alert
asking you to thank the Senators who voted in favor of H.R. 810 but for now we
need your help with contacting the White House and your U.S. Representative.

If this bill is indeed vetoed by the President and the override effort
falls short, JDRF will continue to work towards our goal of expanding the
current policy. We will need your continued efforts, so stay tuned for future
communications asking for your help.

With sincere thanks for your hard work and support,
JDRF Government Relations

U.S. Senate Roll Call:
H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005

Yes (63):
Senator Lisa Murkowski—AK
Senator Ted Stevens—AK
Senator Blanche Lincoln—AR
Senator Mark Pryor—AR
Senator John McCain—AZ
Senator Barbara Boxer—CA
Senator Diane Feinstein—CA
Senator Ken Salazar—CO
Senator Christopher Dodd—CT
Senator Joseph Lieberman—CT
Senator Joseph Biden—DE
Senator Thomas Carper—DE
Senator Bill Nelson—FL
Senator Daniel Akaka—HI
Senator Daniel Inouye—HI
Senator Tom Harkin—IA
Senator Richard Durbin—IL
Senator Barack Obama—IL
Senator Evan Bayh—IN
Senator Richard Lugar—IN
Senator Mary Landrieu—LA
Senator Edward Kennedy—MA
Senator John Kerry—MA
Senator Barbara Mikulski—MD
Senator Paul Sarbanes—MD
Senator Susan Collins—ME
Senator Olympia Snowe—ME
Senator Carl Levin—MI
Senator Debbie Stabenow—MI
Senator Mark Dayton—MN
Senator Thad Cochran—MS
Senator Trent Lott—MS
Senator Max Baucus—MT
Senator Richard Burr—NC
Senator Kent Conrad—ND
Senator Byron Dorgan—ND
Senator Judd Gregg—NH
Senator Frank Lautenberg—NJ
Senator Robert Menendez—NJ
Senator Jeff Bingaman—NM
Senator Harry Reid—NV
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton—NY
Senator Charles Schumer—NY
Senator Gordon Smith—OR
Senator Ron Wyden—OR
Senator Arlen Specter—PA
Senator Lincoln Chafee—RI
Senator Jack Reed—RI
Senator Tim Johnson—SD
Senator Lamar Alexander—TN
Senator Bill Frist—TN
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison—TX
Senator Robert Bennett—UT
Senator Orrin Hatch—UT
Senator John Warner—VA
Senator James Jeffords—VT
Senator Patrick Leahy—VT
Senator Maria Cantwell—WA
Senator Patty Murray—WA
Senator Russ Feingold—WI
Senator Herbert Kohl—WI
Senator Robert Byrd—WV
Senator John Rockefeller—WV

Jeff Sessions—AL
Senator Jon Kyl—AZ
Senator Wayne Allard—CO
Senator Mel Martinez—FL
Senator Saxby Chambliss—GA
Senator Johnny Isakson—GA
Senator Charles Grassley—IA
Senator Larry Craig—ID
Senator Michael Crapo—ID
Senator Richard Lugar—IN
Senator Sam Brownback—KS
Senator Pat Roberts—KS
Senator Mitch McConnell—KY
Senator Jim Bunning—KY
Senator David Vitter—LA
Senator Norm Coleman—MN
Senator Jim Talent—MO
Senator Christopher Bond—MO
Senator Conrad Burns—MT
Senator Elizabeth Dole—NC
Senator Ben Nelson—NE
Senator Chuck Hagel—NE
Senator John Sununu—NH
Senator Pete Domenici—NM
Senator John Ensign—NV
Senator Mike DeWine—OH
Senator George Voinovich—OH
Senator Tom Coburn—OK
Senator James Inhofe—OK
Senator George Voinovich—OH
Senator Rick Santorum—PA
Senator Jim DeMint—SC
Senator Lindsay Graham—SC
Senator John Thune—SD
Senator John Cornyn—TX
Senator George Allen—VA
Senator Craig Thomas—WY
Senator Michael Enzi—WY

Friday, July 14, 2006


Happy Friday! Go visit Wilford and his diabeetis videos.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The sky is falling


The ceiling of the 14 billion Big Dig Project fell last night, killing a women from Jamaica Plain. Yet the Massachusetts state legislature is set to spend more hours taking about my marriage.

It's heartbreaking. I think we have bigger problems than what E. and A. do when they go home at night. (make dinner, fold laundry, feed cats, load the dish washer, watch "The Closer")

On a blog related note- the d is going pretty well. Struggling with similar weight issues that Nicole has been writing about, planning on talking about Symlin with the doctor.
I am also planning to blog again - just need to find some time.