Friday, January 12, 2007

One post per week

It is only the second week of January so I think I should still try to carry out my annual "to do" list. It's Friday and I did say one blogger entry per week - so here I am.

I had planned to sort out some feelings on my borrowed DexCom - but I am still don't know what I am going to do. I plan to bring it back from the four week trial at my d appointment next week.

The reason I haven't sat down and laid out the pro's and con's yet - Jury Duty.

Most people in the state of Massachusetts serve 1 to 3 days. Me - three weeks, And for the second time. Last time I served it was a four week trial. I honestly don't know why people trust me to be fair and impartial. Maybe it's the blond hair and the innocent face.

So for a lack of having an interesting d-related entry - I'll answer questions that have shown up in my comments section recently. I'm a proud lurker - even on my own blog.

1. Gay and Diabetic... Yup. The few, the proud.
2. Family Plans.... still working that out. Subject of blog posts to come.
3. Diabetic Milk Powder.... I don't exchange links. Sorry.

Hopefully I'll do my DexCom list tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A few thoughts on 2007

I don't believe in resolutions. They seemed doomed to failure.

I make a "To Do" List though.

1. One blogger entry per week. It's not like I can use my thesis as an excuse any more.
2. Look for new job. The shiny new Masters degree should come in handy.
3. Get that A1C under 6.5. I think the new Dexcom is going to help with that.
4. Start family. I have said it to myself - and of course A - but oh my - it's scary to see it out there for public viewing.
5. Read at least one book per month. This is my annual To Do item.

I think the above items will give me enough blogger fodder for several weeks. Thank God.

But I'm not dead yet!

Text message to A around 3:45 yesterday afternoon.
Good news will reconsider. Recessing till 4:30. We get a do over. We're not dead yet!

It started at 2 pm yesterday. The first anti-marriage vote passed at 2:34. There was then a motion to reconsider - which, to quote state house legal council, means "a do over." The reconsider motion passed. At 3:45 I was hopeful. So about 4:35 I made my way back to a television set to watch the debate.

Didn't happen. No debate. Back from recess and they went straight to a vote. We lost .... again.

There was nothing we could do. Yesterdays vote by the Massachusetts Legislature was a power struggle between two men, who were trying to prove whose (insert your own noun here) was bigger.

So it's a new day and a new Legislature. We are one step closer to a nasty ballot battle in this state. But at least we're not dead..... yet.

More info here.