Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One more thing

Add New Jersey to the list of states I can visit!

So now we got
and New Jersey.

(I include Rhode Island on that list too - but it's not really official)

Let's just hope that New Jersey goes the whole way with the marriage license. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

A brief return

It's been a while, and it will probably be a while again. (I'm blaming it on the thesis due in 45 days that only has 3 pages written!)

But it's that time of year again.

Campaign Season.

Of course every two years you can count on those "love thy neighbor" folks heading to polls to try and stop the immorality that has taken hold of this country.
(You know- the war in Iraq over WMD, Enron, and the lack of affordable health care.)

A. found this ad last night. You've probably seen the Michael J. Fox one - but this is just as good and not being shown on national tv.