Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blogging in the blizzard

As I am stuck inside, it's a good time to be caught at tag.

Four jobs I've had in my life.
1. Golf shop girl
2. Financial services at big custodian bank
3. Political fundraiser
4. Coffee barista

Four Movies I Won't Flip Past.
1. The Legend of Billy Jean
2. Grease
3. The Birdcage
4. Anything starring Doris Day

Four Places I Have Called Home.
1. Boston, MA
2. Cambridge, MA
3. London, England
4. The School Formerly known as Governor Dummer Academy

Four TV's Shows I Don't Miss.
1. Monk
2. Law & Order (any version)
3. News Night w/ Aaron Brown (Damn CNN)
4. Grey's Anatomy

Foods That I Can't Pass Up.
1. Milk Chocolate
2. Lobster
3. Anything A. is eating.
4. Latte (yes, I consider it a food)

1. St. Andrews, Scotland
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. P-Town, Cape Cod
4. Venice and Florence, Italy (in a couple of weeks)

Daily Reads.
1. New York Times
2. Wonkette (even with the two new guys)
3. Political Wire
4. Cute Overload

Places I Would Rather be.
I got nothing for this. I'm at home with my girl. What's better than that?

If you're snowed in - consider yourself tagged.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Another NYT diabetes story

But this time it is one of hope. I noticed a lot of anger on the message boards from Type 1 diabetics who thought the Times did a poor job of explaining the difference. Maybe it is a nod to us.

I'm happy because it made A. absolutely ecstatic yesterday.

In addition to the happy piece there was a follow up editorial to the Bad Blood series as well.

Diabetic Brothers Beat Odds with Grit and Luck
Declare War on Diabetes

On a related note, NYT Select kills me. They are holding a broken ipod column hostage. I need to know that I am not alone.... but I am not going to pay 40 bucks for it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Living next to ebola

From today's Boston Globe.

The federal government gave final approval yesterday to Boston University's plan to build a high-security research laboratory in the South End, where scientists hunting for vaccines and drugs will work with some of the world's deadliest viruses and bacteria, such as Ebola, anthrax, and plague.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

To tell the truth, it's not the ebola, anthrax, and plague that I find upsetting. It's that our local Starbucks is already overcrowded from the BU med students. Good luck finding a place to sit now.

Maybe they'll direct some of those millions to d research. If I have to live with the plague- I might as well get something out of it.