Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's a start.

For a diabetes screening and outreach program to raise public awareness and provide outreach and education for high risk individuals, including, but not limited to, targeted populations of adolescents and the elderly..................$350,000

Yesterday, Massachusetts passed a comprehensive insurance coverage bill, H.4850. The quote above is one piece. I've been watching the developments for the past year. I think it's good. But we'll have to see what happens to diabetic coverage in the new plans that have been set up. Reason #236 to live in Massachusetts, we have great state mandated diabetic coverage.

The worry about this new bill is that insurance companies might be allowed to cut the diabetic coverage from new stripped down plans that they will be offering.

I'm only a couple of pages through the Bill. It's 146 pages, so give me a few days. Currently I don't even enough time to update the blog - but that's another story.

The Legislation Boston Globe
Massachusetts Sets Health Plan for Nearly All New York Times

On a related note. I am so tired. I have been spending the past few weeks in political discussions about personal issues, gay marriage and diabetes. I don't want to fight for test strips or my marriage license any more. But as I keep reminding myself, I have the ability to - and many do not. So here I am. Weary but fighting.

Thank you for allowing me my little emotional breakdown. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Blogger Nicole P said...

Thanks, E. I was hoping someone might post about this who had access and the will to read through it... Please, please keep us posted.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Nicole P said...

And PS. Thank you for playing such a big part in these fights. I don't have to fight for my right to marry, but I think that your having the right to marry is incredibly important. And, you know my stand on the diabetes coverage thing. Your efforts on these front are so appreciated. I hope you know that.

2:22 PM  
Blogger julia said...

What Nicole said. A million thanks.

I have concerns about this bill, but overall, I think it's a Very Good Idea. I hope it will become a Very Good Bill, but AFAIK, the governor hasn't signed it yet.

10:42 AM  

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